Joe Newton




1275mm x 355mm x 57mm oil on canvas 2005

These two paintings are depicting nothing in particular but are meant to evoke an idea of space or the area of a place. By the use of colour and the systems of geometry the human mind can be gently persuaded to visualise a space. Unlike Alambra the two pictures of Interroute are using colour to evoke. Trying to remove all reference to anything that one might see but at the same time trying to evoke the idea that it is not flat but has depth. By using a shape that is blue in an upper part of a picture sky can be evoked. At this point the pyschology of vision can be used. The use of the system of perspective can alone without colour evoke space but in this case the reverse is true. The system of perspective has been plastically devalued or is not even there to such a point where the colours even though devauled to homogenous wholes themselves are the main driving force of the visual tension.
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