Joe Newton


In Out Stripes
1275mm x 788mm x 57mm oil on canvas 2006

Systems of Rules

Mixing of spaces and the apparent space we live in. We have the answer of the minute but can never know the whole answer or in fact the whole question, for the whole of knowledge is greater than any person. Rules are used but are approximations based on observation. If a given hypothesis fits all known observable situations then it becomes real for all purposes. Reality therefore does shift and is itself not absolute. Or rather the human interpretation based on the space that they are in changes. So to represent more than one plane of space on a flat plane and also one plane of space on more than one plane in space can be used to represent a multi dimensional world.



The colours themselves are the result of entropic averaging of a photograph which has then been stretched over an inverted space that is painted in positive space. One transformation has lost information irrevocably through pixelisation (bicubic) but if the pixels remain symbolic then not all the information that should be lost is lost. The other transformation being one of stretching over a 3d shape could be inverted to retrieve the original section of image.


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