Joe Newton


Eternal Landscape Before the Onset of Knowledge (Right)
1190mm x 1925.5mm x 57mm oil on canvas 2007

The Real

The paintings seem to be progressing in reverse from abstraction to representation. For what is abstraction in the modern worldview. For to say it is an abstraction of nature is to say that nature is real and valid as perceived by us. What we perceive as real is simply a build up of experiences a process of building up visual truth from trial and error and also through convention of a group of individual perceptions (what colour is red anyway) From being a way out of representing anything, abstraction has grown into its own visual language and now represents itself (and not just as ornament or decoration). As for the landscape. one view of abstraction is that is finds the essence of a relationship. The perfect tension between a certain association. What is this representing? Is it representing itself or representing a psychological effect of perception?

If no one observes does it exist? If it is observed it cannot exist?
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