Joe Newton


Barnsbury park 2d transform sliced, rearranged
1275mm x 788mm x 57mm oil on canvas 2006

Hidden Transformations

The picture is hidden behind layers of transformation. One of which is entropic. The image information has been lost forever (maybe a few probability statisticians would disagree). The other transformation could be seen as simply being a spatial distortion caused by a sudden change in relative speed from the bottom to the the top half. Any distortion that is represented on a flat plane can be 'corrected' in 3d space (see Interpolated Space and others in the Virtual section) Any transformation of space or in our case spacetime will therefore have a reverse transformation workable from a dimension above the one in which the distortion occurs. 2d distortion - 3d correction. 3d distortion - 4d correction? If you add more transformations as long as you correct the distortions in the right order they can also be removed. If the image is distorted so sharply that the resolution of the imaging system, be it eyes or whatever else, used to view it starts to lose detail entropy (2nd law) will have some effect. The detail as information itself has been lost but when the acutely distorted image is corrected the image will look correct but be of low resolution. The use of symbols or systems can work around this loss of information from entropy. The human visual system for instance uses techniques which allow it to fill in gaps in the information either through experience or the knowledge, innate or otherwise, of the system of perspective. These systems can be used as clues, symbolic, systematic or otherwise, by the viewer to gain 'understanding' which can be used to decode distortion inherently without need for a higher dimension (or indeed the higher dimension in this case is the internal system of the viewer.

The idea of compression uses this idea to depict or store a depiction using the least possible information (and therefore energy) either in a lossless way in which it will have to be decoded and encoded within a closed system (same as above the way of transformation has to be known to regain the information) or lossy where the depiction is compressed and information is irreversibly lost.

Information is power. This is one idea behind hermetism The image is hidden behind layers of distortion.


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