Joe Newton


Barnsbury park
1275mm x 788mm x 57mm oil on canvas 2005

Hidden Transformations

The picture is hidden behind layers of transformation. One of which is entropic. The image information has been lost forever (maybe a few probability statisticians would disagree). The other transformation could be seen as simply being a spatial distortion caused by a sudden change in relative speed from the bottom to the the top half. Any distortion that is represented on a flat plane can be 'corrected' in 3d space (see Interpolated Space and others in the Virtual section) Any transformation of space or in our case spacetime will therefore have a reverse transformation workable from a dimension above the one in which the distortion occurs. 2d distortion - 3d correction. 3d distortion - 4d correction?

What's the point in the entropic bit then? Entropy is tied with the Second Law of Thermodynamics. With Entropic or catabolic change/loss the event is one way. What you had before is lost forever. This is the meaning of what time is seen as the 'arrow of time'

With entropic or catabolic loss symbolic forms form. The loss of information in an image leads to the formation of a symbol. The brain of the viewer

The point of view is at an inaccessable height. The viewer has to move and maybe strain a bit to reach the point needed to make the side perspectives become at one plane with the front.
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